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About Shamo Plast

Established in the year 1995, SHAMO PLAST INDUSTRIES LLC, has been a pioneering industry in the United Arab Emirates to manufacturer UPVC pipes and Fittings, BS-EN Standard and DIN Standard for Pressure pipes sewer drain, drainage, water purpose, Telephone Duct, Electrical Conduit Pipe and PPR Pipe for HOT and COLD Water and other international standards in order to become the best alternative cheaper, more efficient, easy to transport to site, easy to install and resistant to corrosion and chemicals. In our modern lifestyle UPVC pipes are a better technical solution. It belongs to SHAMO GROUP OF INDUSTRIES, which is one of the largest and most diversified business conglomerates in the middle east & african countries.

uPVC pipes are manufactured from unplasticised polyvinyl chloride polymer which is a thermoplastic material commonly used for potable water distribution, sewer drain, dainage to complete the production lines and find a comprehensive and integrated plant, a modern manufacturing line to produce pipes has recently been launched.

We believe that after the inaugration of the uPVC pipes factory, we will complete the construction of a comprehensive and integrated national plant that will undoubtedly be a tangible and powerful addition to the national industry not only in its field, but also in addition to the quality of the national industry in general.

uPVC pipes regarded as flexible under the stresses set up by back fill and surcharge loads. Properly installed in a suitable bed surround, part of this load is transmitted to the side fill which is correspondingly consolidated.

Shamo Plast Ind uPVC pipes are produced in sizes and thickness suitable for all working situations. Our products are sold in local markets and neighboring gulf countries. Having a successful management style Shamo Plast Ind. LLC is committed to high quality and environmentally friendly product and therefore should be your choice.

Our Achivements

Shamo Plast Ind has achieved a remarkable success in a very short span of Twenty years, because of its quality and services to the outmost satisfaction of the customers. In order to achieve this remarkable success in the region, Shamo Plast Ind, has a back up of highly experienced personnel. This has enabled to contribute significantly in the regional development of irrigation, construction, plumbing & landscaping sectors.


Manufacturing Process

The pipes are manufactured by using the most modern technology, in the field of extruder. The “inch size” range in accordance to British standards for high pressure sewerage, drainage, low pressure and light duty also. While the “MM size” range fully comply with German standard Din 8062. All these pipes are specially taken care within house quality control to ensure that the end product meets quality, reliability and the harsh climatic conditions of the Gulf Region. Beside in house quality control, tests are also carried out through independent laboratories of international standards to certify the quality of our pipes.
Shamo Plast Ind. committed to contribute significantly in the Gulf Region with the high quality products and assures the best services

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