Shamo Plast

Shamo Plast UPVC pipes & fitting will not damage or deteriorate under the attack from bacteria or other micro-organism and will not provide to micro/microorganism and fungi. These pipes and fitting are also suitable for the harsh climatic conditions of the Gulf Region and also for Chemical Industries as they have chemical resistance to most of acids and alkalis. UPVC are thermoplastic material hence physical properties of this material change with variation in temperature. It is therefore important to take into account the temperature conditions while selecting class of pipe (wall thickness of pipe).

Advantages of U.P.V.C Pipes & Fittings:!

  • High mechanical strength than any other plastic pipes & fittings.
  • Light weight, easily stored & transported, easily laid with fewer men, and less machinery. Hence reducing all the cost to a minimum.
  • Rugged, it can reduce breakage dramatically because of its higher impact strength. Even pipes which have suffered some damage can be partially saved by removing the damaged section.
  • Easy to install, requires no special tolls.
  • Maintenance free and not unkind to the hand.
  • Corrosion resistance, normal acid or alkali soil conditions have no adverse effect.
  • Competitiveli with any pipes of similar international standards.